How to clean poo off hands and remove smell

We all think we know how to clean poo off our hands but sometimes it is not so easy to get rid of the lingering smell, especially if you have to deal repeatedly with toilet accidents and personal care.

One useful approach is to take preventive action by applying a barrier cream to your hands, making sure it gets right under your nails, to get rid of any poo smells that might otherwise stick to your skin.

It is not always possible to put on protective gloves in time and a barrier cream means your hands are protected in advance. After an incidence, simply wash off thoroughly then reapply.

Aroma Care Solutions Hands & Nails Barrier Formula

Contains colloidal silver for antibacterial action
Prevents contamination by faeces, vomit or urine
Takes care of your hands with nourishing shea butter
Has refreshing natural fragrance with floral essential oils





Hands & Nail Guard
My Mum was known for her long, manicured nails and was devastated when they had to be cut because of toilet contamination as she lost hand and finger mobility. With the nail guard she can take care of her own intimate cleansing needs without worrying as her fingers and nails are easily and conveniently protected. She also uses it to protect the front of her shins where the skin is thick and scaly.
Miss LH, Lancaster

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