Want to neutralise urine odour or vomit smell?

Caring for another person undoubtedly brings challenges. Especially in the case of someone elderly, young or infirm accidents will happen which invariably may result in the need to remove urine smell or vomit smell.

Aroma Skin Care Solutions’ Nose Guard Aromatic Balm has been expertly created with the carer in mind. Applied directly under the nose the balm counteracts the effects of bad smells.

Nose Guard Aromatic Balm

The balm contains a blend of ingredients that are kind to the skin and which help create a delightful fragrance.
They include:
Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree), used for its deodorising properties
Geraniol – a naturally occurring component in essential oils such as geranium rose and lemon, giving off a sweet rose aroma
Citronellal – a naturally occurring component which calms anxiety
Linalool – another naturally occurring component which is an effective antidote to stress


I am embarrassed to say that I retched and found it almost impossible to change my Dad’s soiled adult diaper. It was distressing for both of us but the nose guard combined with the charcoal masks has solved the problem.
Mrs KR – Nottingham

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