How do I neutralise urine odours on carpet accident hotspots?

You can neutralise urine odours on carpets accident hotspots by using a powerful naturally fragranced, antibacterial powder containing colloidal silver.

Simply sprinkle onto carpet, work into fibres with stiff brush then leave for at last two hours or overnight if possible to absorb malodours. Simply vacuum powder away, leaving a fresh scent that appeals equally to men and women.

Aroma Care Solutions Heavy Duty Odour Control Powder will:
Mask any ingrained odours, including urine, other bodily fluids and pet smells
Allow you to keep your carpets and floor coverings and retain a pleasant environment
Use natural essential oils to leave behind a fresh ‘spa’ scent





Heavy Duty Odour Control Powder
The toileting accidents on the carpeted route between the bedroom and the bathroom became so frequent that the odour was unbearable and I was embarrassed when visitors came. The upheaval of changing the carpet was too much for me to deal with. The Heavy Duty Odour Control Powder solved the problem. I simply sprinkled it all over the carpet and hoovered it up a few hours later. The awful smell was replaced with a natural minty campherous spa like smell that both of us liked.
Mrs SW, Ipswich

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