Bio-enzyme Odour Management Formula
The Bio-enzyme odour eradicator did exactly what it said it would. Within 24 hours the unbearable smell of vomit across the back seat of my car was gone.
Ms MC, London

English Florals Hair & Body Wash
Cancer treatment has left my mother so painfully thin and her skin was dry and brittle and sensitive to the touch. The hair and body wash was so convenient as I could wash her hair and body with one product and one hand whilst holding her steady with the other. The smell was divine and compared to other products it left her skin moisturised and subtly fragranced

Mrs GL, Manchester

Heavy Duty Odour Control Powder
The toileting accidents on the carpeted route between the bedroom and the bathroom became so frequent that the odour was unbearable and I was embarrassed when visitors came. The upheaval of changing the carpet was too much for me to deal with. The Heavy Duty Odour Control Powder solved the problem. I simply sprinkled it all over the carpet and hoovered it up a few hours later. The awful smell was replaced with a natural minty campherous spa like smell that both of us liked.

Mrs SW, Ipswich

Absorbant Aromatic Granules
I have mobility issues and even standing still at the toilet can be difficult and I leave embarrassing puddles. I now put the absorbent granules around the pedestal which contain the smell and the wet and are easy for my daughter to sweep up. I was so embarrassed before and aware of the smell – this has made such a difference.

Mr KG Market, Harborough

Little Accident Box
The Little Accident Box means I can go out and about with my disabled son without worrying about his vomiting episodes. I have everything I need for a quick and discreet clean up.

Ms TM, Kettlewell

Hair & Nail Guard
My Mum was known for her long manicured nails and was devastated when they had to be cut because of toilet contamination as she lost hand and finger mobility. With the nail guard she can take care of her own intimate cleansing needs without worrying as her fingers and nails are easily and conveniently protected. She also uses it to protect the front of her shins where the skin is think and scaly.

Miss LH, Lancaster

Nose Guard and Charcoal Masks
I am embarrassed to say that I retched and found it almost impossible to change my Dads soiled adult diaper. It was distressing for both of us but the nose guard combined with the charcoal masks has solved the problem.

Mrs KR, Nottingham

English Florals Hand Wash
The carers that come in and take care of my wife are so wonderful – I cannot praise them enough. I am not allowed to give them presents but I can make sure that the hand wash they use when visiting is perfect for them. They love the scent and the gentle hydrating formula.

Mr GR, East Kilbride

Protective Loo Guard
One of the most distressing side effects of my chemotherapy is the disruption to my digestion. My bowel movements resulted in a pebble dash effect around the toilet bowl. The loo guard enables me to coat even the underside of the seat prior to using the toilet and allows debris to fall away and prevents anything from sticking. Dignity back under control!

Ms HW, Lincoln

Textile Cleanser
It was exhausting trying to keep up changing and washing my wife’s clothes and cleaning upholstery after food spills. With the textile cleanser I can conveniently spray and wipe which is so much less tiring and it leaves a lovely scent.

Mr NV, Carlisle

Direct to Floor Cleaner
As the disease progressed my Mum lost all mobility and spent most of her time in her recliner. There were frequent food and drink spills and my bucket and mop was never far away. The direct to floor cleaner is a quick and convenient alternative. I just spray a bit down and then wipe around with a dry mop or a paper towel for an instant hygienic clean. The bottle looks nice too so I can even leave it out… no more running back and forth to the kitchen cupboard.

Mrs FP, Thetford

Disposable Laundry Bags
Even though I could not cope I refused to let my daughter-in-law take my laundry as I was embarrassed by the stains. With the disposable laundry bags I fill them and tie them up and she puts the whole bag in her machine so she does not see or smell anything. It is such a relief to be able to accept help without embarrassment. My grandson even takes them back packing so that his laundry goes straight into the machine and any unwanted bugs etc from the hostels do not see the light of day. 

Mr VC, Croydon