Use Bio-Enzyme spray with urine stain removers for great cleaning

When cleaning up urine you don’t want pee smells to linger – that’s why using a Bio-Enzyme spray as a urine stain remover is a good idea. Bio-Enzyme formulas contain active ingredients that “eat up” the chemicals and bad bacteria which cause odours so you can say goodbye to those awful moments when a bad smell returns after you thought you’d cleaned up.

For sinks, showers, baths, tiles, plugholes, hard flooring and other solid surfaces a Bio-Enzyme spray can be used on its own after an initial mopping up.

For soft furnishings, beds and carpets first use a textile cleanser with an antibacterial action to ease deeper stains out of the fabric, followed by the Bio-Enzyme formula.

Aroma Care Solutions Bio-Enzyme Odour Management Formula will
Eliminate the chemicals causing the smell of pee, vomit and poo
Work for up to 24 hours after application
Eradicate the bad bacteria that lead to lingering whiffs
Work on hard surfaces and soft furnishings
Aroma Care Solutions Textile Cleansing & Hygiene Formula is simple to use, has an antibacterial action thanks to colloidal silver, and a fresh fragrance from natural essential oils.


A 250ml bottle of the concentrated formula, makes up 25 x 110ml bottles of the live formula ready to use. Each bottle of the live formula lasts up to 24hrs and only costs 65p for each bottle of made up live formula.

A 500ml bottle of concentrated formula, makes up 50 x 110ml bottles, and only costs 45p per made up bottle.


Bio-enzyme Odour Management Formula
The Bio-enzyme odour eradicator did exactly what it said it would. Within 24 hours the unbearable smell of vomit across the back seat of my car was gone.
Ms MC, London

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